Wondfo PQ Tests——Increasing access to infectious disease rapid diagnostic test with the lowest price
HIV Self-Test——Identification for each HIV high-risk person
With increasing openness to sexual behaviors but relatively limited awareness of HIV prevention among the general public, millions Africans are at high risk of HIV infection. Individuals unaware of their HIV-positive status are more likely to unintentionally transmit the virus to sexual partners or offspring. In line with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, early identification of HIV infection is crucial. It enables those infected to access the treatment promptly, thereby controlling the transmission of the HIV effectively. Wondfo offers the HIV Self-Test as convenient and confidential diagnostic tool. This test allows individuals to identify their HIV status in private, supported by guidance and instructional videos in their local language. Being informed about one's HIV status is a significant step towards a healthier and more secure life.
One Step HIV 1/2  Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma Test——A Step Ahead of Epidemic
Africa is the region most severely affected by HIV. According to data from the World Health Organization, over 38 million people in Africa were living with HIV as of 2020, representing approximately 75% of the global HIV infections. Consequently, large-scale primary screening for HIV has become a crucial aspect of national HIV control strategies. Wondfo's One Step HIV 1/2 Test, recognized for its exceptional performance and competitive pricing, is designed to support primary screening efforts in public health. This test eliminates the need for extensive equipment, complex procedures, or specialized environments. It provides highly sensitive results, making it an ideal solution for large-scale screening, even in remote laboratories. Our goal, and our commitment, is to contribute to a future where HIV infection is better managed and controlled across Africa.
  • 3 Steps
  • 10μL Sample
  • 15min to Result
  • High Sensitivity
Our Story

2018 Nov. HIV rapid test was prequalified by WHO


2019 Jun. Wondfo HIV products were available at The Global Fund PPM platform


2022 Jun. Wondfo-MedAccess-CHAI launched $1 HIV Self-Test agreement


2022 Sep. Wondfo HIV products were added to the USID supplying catalogue


2023 Oct. HIV Self-Test was launched in Uganda


2023 Nov. Uganda localization manufacturing plant ribbon-cutting


To Be Continued

Supplementary Information
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Click Here to view WHO Public Report 

Click Here to view Reference from Unicef Supply Catalogue

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