Wondfo PQ Tests——Increasing access to infectious disease rapid diagnostic test with the lowest price
One Step HIV 1/2  Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma Test——Your Professional Choice
Wondfo One Step HIV 1/2 Test is designed for trained user in laboratory screening or point-of-care settings. With double antigen sandwich method, Wondfo One Step HIV 1/2 Test can detect the HIV 1/2 antibodies in human venous whole blood, fingerstick whole blood, serum or plasma. Only 15min it can show you the result with high sensitivity and specificity higher than 99.95%.
HIV Self-Test——Private Diagnostic Specialist
Wondfo HIV Self-Test adopts the same diagnostic principle as One Step HIV 1/2 Test, but with more user-friendly design and accessories. There are also multi-language version, including African local language, of the instruction and QR code access to the operational video also with different language version on the YouTube. All these advantages make Wondfo HIV Self-Test convenient for the local lay users to test themselves in private.
  • 3 Steps
  • 10μL Sample
  • 15min to Result
  • High Sensitivity
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2018 Nov

HIV rapid test was prequalified by WHO

2022 Jun

Wondfo-MedAccess-CHAI launched $1 HIV Self-Test agreement

2022 Dec

Nigeria NACA ordered 1 million One Step HIV 1/2 Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma Test

2023 Oct

Over 800 thousand tests have been ordered by Global Fund

2023 Nov

Uganda localization manufacturing plant ribbon-cutting

Continuing to Make a Difference

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For Professional Use | For Self-Test (English, please email Wondfo team for other languages: sales@wondfo.com.cn)
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