Working at Wondfo
We regard our employees as our important business partners and strategic resources.

We are in favor of “performance-oriented” talent concept, and the ideas of valuing the knowledge and respecting the talented. And we work vigorously to create fair, just, open and inclusive environment for our employees.

We are dedicated to the construction of effective, dimensional, sustainable talent training system to improve our employees’ personal capacity and competence.

We work hard to provide a stage without “glass ceilings”, and offer competitive packages for our employees to promote our employees and enterprise grow together.
Wondfo offers comprehensive employee benefits mechanism to attract, detain and motivate our talented employees. We have set up Wondfo Corporate University in Nov. 2016, providing systematic and high quality training and talent development programs for our employees regularly. Besides competitive salary, we offer benefits include: Five Social Insurances and Housing Fund, housing, meals, paid annual leave and bonus. We also provide many kinds of recreational activities for our employees to achieve work life balance, including games, outing, birthday party, etc.

We not only give you material benefits, but also provide opportunity for you to realize your ambitions. We work together to improve the human’s well-being and make the world a better place with our high quality products and services.