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Preferred date to visit
Preferred Expo to visit:
  • CACLP 2024 (CH-3704)
Product of interest:
  • New-Generation Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzers (FS-1000/FS-2000)
  • SmarLumi™ FC-2000 Fullu-Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
  • FINECARE™ FIA Meters (FS-113, FS-114, FS-205, FS-301)
  • ACCRE CLIA System (Accre 8/90/160)
  • Rapid tests (colloidal gold)
  • Ucare-6000 Blood Gas Analyzer
  • Blood Gas Analyzer (BGA-102, Ucare-6000)
  • OCG-102 Optical Coagulation Analyzer
  • TLT-101 Thromboelastography Analyzer
  • PA-3600 Fully Automated IHC Staining System
  • U-Card Dx™ Automated Rapid Molecular Diagnostic Instrument
Meet Wondfo in Expos


March 16-18, CH-3704 in CACLP 2024

Chongqing International Expo Center