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With African Partners | Wondfo Facilitates Health Silk Road
December 08,2023 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, Zhang Yijun, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, met with Mr. Peng Zhongxiong, President of Wondfo Biotech, and Mr. Xu Wenjie, Vice President of Wondfo. Minister Counselor Zhang assured continuous support for the company's development in the local market, and encouraged Wondfo to generate more benefits for Kenyan people in the future, and to contribute to the development of China-Kenya friendship. For the joint facilitation of the "Health Silk Road", Mr. Peng Zhongxiong, President of Wondfo, was invited to visit the Nairobi Health Department, the University of Nairobi, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, and the Sino-Africa Research Center to discuss the mode of cooperation among overseas industries, universities and research institutes, and to jointly promote the development of the local healthcare.

Benefit the Local Public with Advanced Technologies

Zhang Yijun, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Kenya, welcomed the visit of Mr. Peng Zhongxiong, President of Wondfo Biotech, and Mr. Xu Wenjie, Vice President of Wondfo, and was briefed on Wondfo's business layout, industry-academia-research cooperation, and our practice of social responsibility in Kenya.

Since 2012, Wondfo has provided services to more than 40 African countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc. We. together with local medical institutions and public welfare organizations, offer free healthcare at community level as welfares, and explore modes of medical cooperation through technical assistance, industry-academia-research cooperation, and many other approaches. "Wondfo will adhere to cooperation for win-win outcome in the future and continue to deepen our cooperation, and promote the landing of projects with Kenya and other African countries, so as to benefit African people with advanced technology." Peng Zhongxiong presented.

Zhang Yijun indicated his continuous support for the development of enterprises in Kenya, and put forward instructive comments on Wondfo's situation in Kenya, suggesting to strengthen the communication with Chinese enterprises in Kenya. He hoped that Wondfo could generate more benefit the local people more in the future and make more contributions for China-Kenya's friendly development.

We Promote China-Kenya Healthcare Cooperation,
Based on Innovative Industry-Academia Cooperation

Since coming to Kenya, Mr. Peng Zhongxiong and his team were invited by Nairobi Health Department, University of Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to visit Nairobi Health Department, local universities and Sino-Africa Research Center, to gain a deeper understanding of Nairobi's healthcare services, exchange experiences in China-Africa healthcare, and explore the mode of China-Kenya healthcare cooperation, so as to help improve the level of local diagnostic and therapeutic services.

For innovative overseas industry-academia cooperation, Wondfo and the University of Nairobi jointly built a training center which was put into service in July 2023, becoming the first laboratory medicine training center constructed by Chinese IVD enterprise in Africa, providing professional training for Kenyan laboratory staffs and students.

During this visit to the University of Nairobi, Peng Zhongxiong and his team interacted with students and discussed the development of AI and in vitro diagnostics industry. Peng Zhongxiong proposed that the training center can expand its disciplinary cooperation further to all other disciplines related to life sciences and deepen industry-academia-research cooperation as well as application so as to better serve people's health and well-being.

Prof. Julius A. Ogeng'o, Vice headmaster of the University of Nairobi, highly appreciated the effect of the Wondfo Training Center since its foundation. Currently, the training center is providing regular training for the medical students of the university and laboratory operators of hospitals nearby. This effectively improves the awareness and services of local medical diagnostic institutions, which is in line with the University's vision of deepening industry-academia cooperation.

With opportunities from economic globalization and the Belt and Road Initiative, Wondfo will continue to strengthen technological R&D and innovation, actively contribute to the facilitation of "Health Silk Road", and contribute China's solution and strength to global healthcare, and strive to make biology technology benefit the public!
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