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Wondfo in MEDICA 2022, The World's Leading Medical Trade Fair
November 23,2022 (Edit) Wondfo
During 14-17 November, 2022, MEDICA 2022 in Düsseldorf welcomed crowds of visitors. Wondfo Biotech exhibited the comprehensive POCT solution during the Expo. We are delighted to receive appreciation regarding the Accre CLIA Family with single-cartridge reagent, Finecare™ FIA Meters together with U-Card Dx™ and other molecular diagnostic solution.

POC molecular instrument was highly recognized

“User-friendly!” During the Expo, a French customer expressed his recognition of Wondfo’s U-Card Dx™ Automated Molecular Diagnostic System. “The instrument install in a hospital in Normandy was highly recognized regarding its quality, performance and convenience in operating.”

U-Card Dx™ is a Point-of-Care PCR analyzer jointly developed by Wondfo’s R&D Centers in both Guangzhou and San Diego. The reagent cartridge for the system applys heat lysis, nanofilter, real-time fluorescence PCR, microfluidic technique, etc. With detection limit≤1000 copies/mL, rapid results are delivered automatedly in 28-38 minutes. Up to 6 targets can be detected once a sample loaded in the cartridge.

The lyophilized reagent in microfluidic cartridge enables room-temperature transportation, and the fully-enclosed cartridge ensures biological safety. Testing menu includes COVID-19, monkeypox, COVID-19/Flu A/Flu B combo, COVID-19/Flu A/Flu B/RSV combo, quadruple STI test, HPV, etc.

Fingertip-blood rapid test made impressions

Impressive as well was Wondfo’s Immunofluorescence system. Currently, multiple testing items allowing venous and capillary blood have been applied in primary healthcare sites. We have received users’ satisfaction and positive feedbacks.

Finecare™ FIA Meters was launched by Wondfo in 2009 as the first quantitative immunofluorescence analyzer developed domestically. Since then, various testing items gradually became available including inflammatory, cardiac markers. Based on the portable instrument and room-temperature stable reagent, the recent advancement—fingertip-blood sample of little amount required—reduces patients’ pain and facilitate convenient testing operation while ensuring the stable performance. 

On the ground of various advantages such as comprehensive testing menu, allowing venous blood/plasma/serum and detecting different items simultaneously, Wondfo Finecare™ FIA Meters have been distributed in over 100 countries and regions worldwide and widely applied in Laboratory Dept, Emergency Dept, ICU, Cardiology Dept, etc.

Excellent and flexible, a POC analyzer of CLIA

Accre System, a series of genuine point-of-care chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, impressed many in the Expo. The ALP-APS-5 chemiluminescence immunoassay ensures excellent performance as well as flexibility of point-of-care testing.

The compact Accre CLIA System avoids liquid piping system and is 30% smaller than traditional CLIA analyzers. Automated sampling of blood collection tubes streamlines testing operation in Accre 120. The single-cartridge reagent of all-in-one design is ready-to-go and convenient as well as economical for testing operation.

As 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Wondfo’s founding, we never forget our original aspiration to provide the public with products of cutting-edge technique and safeguard health with technology.