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Top-Level Recognition! Wondfo’s All 17 Items Passed RELA 2022
December 09,2022 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, the results of the External Quality Assurance Schemes for Reference Laboratories (EQAS for RELA)were released, and 17 items of Wondfo Reference Laboratory all passed.

IFCC-RELA, widely recognized in the industry, is the top-level quality assessing scheme in the field of international clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.

The result stands for a recognition of Wondfo Reference Laboratory by IFCC-RELA, the international authority, facilitating traceable results of laboratory medicine.

 (logo of Wondfo Reference Laboratory)

In 2020, Wondfo Reference System Department was accredited the CNAS medical reference laboratory by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). After that, Wondfo has participated in the IFCC-RELA scheme for three consecutive years and obtained satisfying results every time.

In 2022, Wondfo Reference Laboratory participated in assessing of item including enzyme, metabolites and substrates, electrolytes, vitamins, hormones, proteins, etc., together with 4 new items—25-OH-Vitamin D3, Testosteron, Cortisol, and HbA1c. Among the items above, 25-OH-Vitamin D3, testosteron, and cortisol were measured by ID-LC/MS/MS, and HbA1c was measured by HPLC/MS-ESI. Both belong to the first-level reference principle. And recently, the release results announced that Wondfo’s all 17 items meet requirements.


Results of New Items in RELA 2022 from Wondfo Reference Laboratory



▲ Testosteron


▲ 25-OH-Vitamin D3

▲ Cortisol

Wondfo Reference Laboratory’s number is 165. For detailed results, please view the website: https://www.dgkl-rfb.de/

As a JCTLM Stakeholder Member, Wondfo has established an uninterrupted chain of traceability from the International System of Units (SI)—reference laboratory—clinical laboratory. This, recognized by CNAS, has strived for standardized and consistent laboratory test results. While actively developing reference procedures, Wondfo is actively participating in assessment programs home and abroad, so as to promote the standardization and traceability of testing items and ensure consistency of test results globally.

As 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Wondfo, we step up our efforts with high-quality products and services to facilitate efficient diagnosis in healthcare facilities, and in this way, we make our innovative contributions for the society. Racing for Life! 
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