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World Arthritis Day | Hold your hand when we get old
October 12,2022 (Edit) Wondfo
Joints of bones are key segments of our bodies and are crucial to motions. However, arthritis is endangering the health of our joints. Arthritis refers to inflammation or swelling of one or more joints, and small joints in the hands and feet are often the first to be affected.

Usually arthritis refers to osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), gout, psoriatic arthritis and others, among which osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis register extremely high incidence. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, is called by people as “wear or tear” arthritis. OA can cause pain, stiffness, swelling, and even reduced function or disability. Rheumatoid arthritis has been significantly underestimated while affecting millions in a lifelong way. RA, an autoimmune and inflammatory disease, refers to a disorder when immune system wrongly attacks healthy cells and causes inflammation, which is experienced as painful swelling, chronic pain, unsteadiness and deformity.
There are multiple risk factors for arthritis: age- and lifestyle-related wear and tear, infections, injuries, and autoimmune conditions, etc. 80% diagnosed arthritis occur to people age over 45 and an increasing incidence of osteoporosis specific to age are observed. Joint pain, swelling and stiffness, and other symptoms due to arthritis are impacting health and quality of life of the elder people.

Some people with arthritis feel noticeable pain and stiffness when it gets cold and wet in winter months, while other experience flare-ups during hot and humid summertime. Those with inflammatory arthritis may be more likely to develop complications from flu such as sinus infection, ear infection, bronchitis and pneumonia. 


How to diagnose and manage arthritis

If you have arthritis-like symptoms, talk to your doctor for examination and advices. Diagnosis of arthritis is usually based on patient’s medical history, physical examination, X-rays and blood tests. It is suggested for people diagnosed with arthritis to communicate with healthcare provider for long-term management of arthritis. There are several tips to manage chronic arthritis:

1. Manage weight: people who are overweight or obese are particularly exposed to stress on joints (such as hips and knees) and subsequent arthritis. For those diagnosed with arthritis, losing weight can reduce pain and improve physical function; for people who still have healthy joints at any age, low-impact physical activity is important to stay at a healthy weight and reduce risks of arthritis.

2. Protect your joints: prevent joint injuries from sports, work or vehicle accidents, which can cause or worsen arthritis. It is suggested to select joint-friendly activities such as walking, bicycling and swimming as well as to take protective steps like wearing protective gadgets so as to avoid joint damage.

3. Take regular examination: people who are prone to arthritis are suggested to take regular physical examination and blood tests to rule out arthritis or to detect arthritis in the early stage. The earlier arthritis is diagnosed, the earlier you can start disease managing and ensure quality of life.

Arthritis remains a critical issue with its long-lasting pain and potential damage to health. It deserves more attentions, cares and efforts to treat the disease or alleviate the pain. As 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Wondfo since the development in 1992, we remain unswerving to provide the public with cutting-edge technology and products and improve diagnosis with rapid tests. We will continue to be devoted to research and innovation in IVD industry, Racing for Life.

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