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Wondfo donates medical tools to Thailand to help curb COVID-19
September 23,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
On 21st September, Wondfo’s donation was handed over to Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station. 10,000 units of Wondfo 2019-nCoV Antigen Test are included, valued at 2 million THB.

Wondfo joined Thai-Chinese Commercial and Industry Trade Association in this donation to Thai people, altogether valued at 4.6 million THB. Representing Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station, Gen. Rangsi Kitiyanap received these antigen tests. On behalf of Thai TV5 and Thai people, he appreciated donators’ warm help.

Firmer CO., LTD. represented Wondfo at the donation ceremony. Marketing manager, Premwiss Wirasangsakorn emphasized the significance of timely testing under the continuously spreading pandemic. Currently, there are about 41 million cases of current infection worldwide and 129,000 cases in Thailand.

As COVID-19 is still rapidly spreading, we should still stick to various measures strictly to control the pandemic. The window period—the time from early infection to symptom onset—and asymptomatic cases make the situation even more complicated. Therefore, early testing and quarantine will greatly help control the pandemic.

COVID-19 could shift from a pandemic to an endemic threat if it cannot get well controlled, and will do great harm to the whole world in multiple fields from health, economy, to equality. To assist in screening infection and curbing the pandemic, Wondfo donates these 2019-nCoV antigen tests for professional use to Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station. With rapid result release within 15 minutes, such antigen tests can accurately detect the presence of 2019-nCoV in human sample, and thus they can be flexibly applied to various screening scenarios.

We sincerely hope our efforts can facilitate disease control and protect people’s health and happiness around the world. We firmly believe that with everyone’s efforts, we will finally defeat the pandemic.

Click here to view the Thai tv 5 report (Thai language).
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