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At China-ASEAN Expo—Wondfo’s Technology Was Highly Focused
September 17,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
On 13th September, the 18th China-ASEAN Exposition came to a successful conclusion. At the Expo, Wondfo Biotech, which has been deeply engaged in the ASEAN market for 10 years, made our debut. On the spot, we exhibited the integrated COVID-19 test  of “nucleic acid PCR+ antigen+ antibody” and Wondfo digitalized “1m2 POCT lab”, which attracted the attention of government departments, foreign envoys and authoritative media. Besides, Wondfo Biotech has actively communicated with all walks of life during the Expo.
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With cutting-edge technology, we help fight the pandemic
As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, China has been contributing to pandemic control in ASEAN countries with science and technology. In the Advanced Technology Exhibition of the Expo, Wondfo Biotech exhibited the integrated COVID-19 test of “nucleic acid PCR+ antigen+ antibody” and attracted attention.


Representatives from authoritative institutions, such as scientific departments and provincial governments, visited Wondfo’s stand. A delegation of ASEAN envoys to China and many ASEAN technological young talents came and visited our booth Envoys appreciated the rapid improvement of technology, and expressed their willingness to cooperate and exchange with China regarding science and technology. Technological cooperation in key areas, such as medicine and sustainable development, will be highly focused to facilitate a closer China-ASEAN innovative community.

With the combined test of 2019-nCoV antigen, antibody and nucleic acid together with key indicators of disease, Wondfo’s COVID-19 integrated solution can assist diagnosis, patient management and acute and critical disease detection. Such solution can be employed for professional use in designated hospitals, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, primary clinics. It can also be applied to public prevention and control at borders, schools, factories, temporary detection points and gatherings.
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, following the principle of joint hands to overcome the pandemic, Wondfo Biotech has actively facilitated international cooperation with ASEAN countries, fully supported them in their fight against COVID-19 and provided testing materials and technical assistance.

“1m2 POCT lab”  made an impression
In a space of 1m2, rapid examination of 2019-nCoV and other diseases can be applied, providing an integrated solution of “screening and identification—diagnostic examination—treatment and monitoring”. At the exhibition, Wondfo’s model of digitalized “1m2 POCT lab” caught attention of many professionals. Moreover, it has been focused and reported by many media such as CNR news, Guangxi TV and Sing Siam Daily from Thailand. Ministry of Industry, Technology and Innovation of Cambodia also posted relevant information on its media account.

Relying on intelligent information management system and integration of multiple POCT technology platforms, Wondfo’s digitalized “1m2 PCOT lab” can combine various testing items for diagnosing different diseases, so as to make the limited 1m2 POCT lab flexibly meet different testing needs in medical centers, clinical departments, fever clinics, disease control center, primary clinics and many other scenarios.
Zhao Yaping, the rotating president of Wondfo Biotech, said in an interview that the 1m2 POCT lab, with small size but comprehensive functions, can flexibly adapt to many scenarios and thus can be applied at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic such as mobile cabin hospital, customs and community clinics.

“Over the past decade, our trade volume with ASEAN has grown by about over 40 percent every year, laying a solid foundation for cooperation. Based on the foundation, our technology has played its role in fighting the virus in various ASEAN countries.” Zhao Yaping said that we hope, through the exhibition, that more countries involved in BRI can get to and have access to these advanced technologies against the pandemic, so as to facilitate the pandemic control globally. 

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