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Another Step! Wondfo’s 13 Items All Passed RELA 2021
September 29,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, the results of RELA 2021 were released: 13 items of Wondfo Biotech all passed!

RELA (Reference Laboratories in Laboratory Medicine)
Co-held by International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin (DGKL)

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IFCC-RELA is the top level of quality assessing scheme widely recognized by international clinical chemistry and examination science. This year, 64 reference laboratories participated in IFCC-RELA 2021 scheme, in which 36 items in 10 categories are included.

In 2020, Wondfo Biotech reference laboratory was recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) as one CNAS laboratory (NO. CNASL14208). And we have been keeping constructing reference and competency verification. This year, all 13 items of Wondfo Biotech reference laboratory passed IFCC-RELA 2021. The 13 items are LDH, ALT, ASR, AMY, CK, Glu, Urea, K, Na, Ca, Mg, GGT and ALP.

Part of Wondfo’s results in RELA 2021 (red mark)


ALP-alkaline phosphatase


Wondfo Biotech reference laboratory NO.: 165
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Wondfo Biotech has always been committed to R&D and scientific innovation in POCT industry. We have joined in the quality tracing system of International System of Units (SI)—reference laboratory—clinical laboratory. This is an evidence that quality of Wondfo testing results can follow national or international standard, ensuring the accuracy of our products, so as to gain wide recognition of clinical examination results. Wondfo will keep participating RELA assessing scheme, reference assessment by China’s National Center for Clinical Laboratories and other schemes, providing a promise for the tracing of our products and ensuring stable accuracy of testing results.

In future, with our professionalism and sincere, warm, swift actions, Wondfo Biotech will provide customers with convenient, safe and accurate tests.