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Optical Coagulation Analyzer
Wondfo Optical Coagulation Analyzer, used together with the test reagents, delivers quick lab-quality results that support clinical decisions in cardiology, surgery and intensive care.

The first POCT coagulation analyzer that can test PT/INR, APTT, TT, FIB and ACT.
Test Menu
  • Blood Coagulation Analysis
    Item Sample Type Sample Volume Measuring Range Clinical Reference
    PT  citrated venous whole blood,
    capillary whole blood 
    20μL 7-90 S 10-14 S
    INR 0.5-7 0.7-1.3
    APTT 18-120 S 22-38 S
    TT 10-90 S 14-20 S
    FIB 1.5-6 g/L 2-4 g/L
    ACT 50-600 S 80-140 S

  • Rechargeable Battery
    Rechargeable Battery
    High capacity
  • Portable
    Small size (weight only 850g);
    Use of rechargeable battery
  • Convenient
    One-step operation; No accessory required.
  • Fast & Reliable
    Fast & Reliable
    Get results within few minutes;
    CV ≤ 5%
    1. Screening test to assess the exogenous and endogenous coagulation system function
    2. Monitoring anticoagulant treatment
    3. Monitoring thrombolytic therapy
    4. Monitoring the patient with certain disease, such as hepatopathy, infection, burn injury
Reaction Temperature 37°C±0.5°C
Environmental Condition Temp. 15°C~35°C, Humidity10%-90%
Standard CE, NMPA
Application ER, ICU, Operating Room, Ambulance, Warfarin Clinic

SOP of Wondfo Optical Coagulation Analyzer
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