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TLT-101 Thrombelastography Analyzer
TLT-101 Thrombelastography Analyzer is used to monitor and analyze the coagulation state of blood samples. Qualitative and quantitative predictions of the patient’s coagulation status can be made according to the coagulation parameter information of the blood sample. The thrombelastography analyzer can automatically record the dynamic changes of venous whole blood with the formation, retraction and/or lysis of blood clots.
  • Easy to Use
    Easy to Use
    integrated large touch screen; Linux operating system; immediate, intuitive reading of results
  • Fast & Accurate
    Fast & Accurate
    reliable results can be obtained within 2 hours
  • Patented Design
    Patented Design
    small size and light weight; six technical modules
  • High Throughput
    High Throughput
    four independent channels; compatible with various cup types
  • Intelligent Operation
    Intelligent Operation
    automatic loading, automatic lifting and intelligent cover removal
  • Test Menu
Technologies Automatic loading;
Automatic lifting;
Intelligent cover removal;
14’’ LED touch screen;
Built-in thermal printer;
Bi-directional LIS connectivity;
Sample Volume 1.0 mL
Certification NMPA
Dimension (D*W*H) 450*291*390 mm
Weight ≤22 kg (excluding power adapter)
Application Blood Transfusion Dept
Cardiac Surgery Dept
Anesthesia Room
Neurosurgery Dept
Neurology Dept
Cardiology Dept

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