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NE-9600 Nucleic Acid Extraction System
The analyzer is intended for the extraction and purification of nucleic acid from clinical samples.
  • Excellent Performance
    Excellent Performance
    96 samples in 12 minutes
    Fully automated workflow reduces manual errors
  • Contamination Prevention
    Contamination Prevention
    UV lamp
    Negative pressure with HEPA filtration
  • Wide Range of Applications
    Wide Range of Applications
    Support multiple sample types
    Developmental platform with high compatibility of consumables
  • User-Friendly Interface
    User-Friendly Interface
    Large 10.1-inch screen for easier operation
    Visual graphical guide for operation
Throughput 1-96
Technology Open platform with magnetic bead method
Extraction time 12-60 mins/batch (depending on reagents used)
Dimensions (D*W*H, unit: mm) 460*590*530
Weight 45 kg

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Download brochure of NE-9600 Nucleic Acid Extraction System
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