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PA-3600 Fully Automated IHC Staining System
PA-3600 Fully Automated IHC Staining System is based on the principle of specific binding of antigen and antibody to make the antibody-labeled chromogenic reagent (fluorescein, enzyme, metal ion, isotope) visualize a color through chemical reaction and then determine the antigens (polypeptides and proteins) in tissue cells. The localization, qualitative, and relative quantitative research on such antigens would be carried out. The product is used with ancillary reagents from our series for sample processing before pathological analysis (deparaffinization, antigen retrieval, staining as well as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) detection pretreatment and post-hybridization wash).
  • Testing Portfolio
    Secondary Antibody Cat. No. 
    PA-3600 Immunostaining Solution WF15P0001
    PA-3600 Dewax Solution WF16P0001
    PA-3600 Antigen Retrieval Solution (pH 9.0) WF18P0001
    PA-3600 Antigen Retrieval Solution (pH 6.0) WF19P0001
    PA-3600 Wash Solution WF17P0001

    Featured Antibody Reagent Clone number
    Trop2 EPR20043
    pan-Trk EPR17341
    FRα EPR20277
    C-MET 811B7F4
    Claudin18.2 EPR19202-244
    LAG3 CAL25
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  • Key Technologies
    Independent temperature control for each staining module
    Adjustment from ambient temperature/room temperature to 101℃ with fluctuation less than 5℃

    Support 36 different reaction procedures processing simultaneously
    Accurate and consistent staining results
    No sample sorting required
    Flexible sample loading at any time during the process

    Solid cover diaphragms
    High temperature resistance
    Acid and alkali resistant
    Corrosion resistance
    Reagents evaporation prevention for dry flakes

    Wave-like mixing technology
    Improve antigen-antibody binding efficiency
    Reduce staining time / Clear background
    Completely cleaned

    QR code identification
    Randomly loading slides, time for scanning 36 slides is less than 30s

    RFID chip technology
    Independent scanning antenna with RFID chip shortens pre-processing and finishes scanning for 40 reagent bottles in less than 10 seconds

    Conical design of reagent bottle
    Minimize waste from reagent residue
Item Parameter
Instrument model PA-3600
Function Fully automated baking, dewaxing, antigen repair, staining and re-staining process.
Application IHC、ISH、CISH、FISH、Dual ICC
Throughput 36
Reagent capacity 40
Running time / batch <3.5h
Temperature range Room temperature - 101℃
Continuous loading
Reagent volume ≤130μL
Reaction kinetics Wave-like mixing technology
Delayed operation function
Waste liquid volume <2L/batch
Weight 135kg
Dimension (D*W*H) 1050*690*736mm
Ambient temperature 18℃~30 ℃
Rated voltage AC220V
Input power 900VA
Frequency 50Hz 

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