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Wondfo Biotech showed COVID-19 test total solution, SmarLumiTM Shine i2900,U-CardDxTM and Mobile Container PCR lab in Medlab Middle East 2021
July 08,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
From 21 to 24 of June, the exhibition of Medlab Middle East 2021 was jointly held by Medlab Middle East and Arab Health in Dubai World Trade Center. Medlab Middle East is the region’s leading medical laboratory exhibition, facilitates the meeting of over 23,000+ medical laboratory, healthcare and trade professionals from 140+ countries. Arab Health is a healthcare conference and trade show in the Middle East. It stages 12 live and online exhibitions, 110 conferences and has received over 700,000 healthcare professionals. More than 650 companies showed up in the exhibition and Wondfo exhibited three of our products—SmarLumiTM Shine i2900, U-CardDxTM and Mobile Container PCR lab—to provide new solutions for covid-19 diagnosis.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Wondfo has been actively fighting the pandemic with people around the world. WHO has advocated covid-19 tests to help control the pandemic? Up to now, several covid-19 Wondfo rapid test kits and instruments have been launched, and in the Medlab exhibition we bring our newly launched SmarLumiTM Shine i2900 fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer. It can automatically process 60 samples at the same time, and the result of first sample can be released within 15 minutes. Its precision CV can be controlled within 3% with high throughput of 200 T/h. Our analyzer can cover a variety of testing items, including 2019-nCov Neutralizing antibody and RBD antibody, facilitate the detection and control of the pandemic.

In this exhibition, we also brought our fully automatic nucleic analyzer U-Card DxTM. It enables tests for 2019-nCov, Influenza A&B and Influenza/2019-nCov combo test, with four channels available. The fully automatic processing after one-step sampling saves time and manual work for clinics. U-Card DxTM provides a fully automatic solution to primary clinics and hospitals for diagnosing covid-19 and later control and cure of diseases.

Such covid-19 analyzer can better serve to rapid screening of infected people when combined with Wondfo’s mobile container PCR lab. It is a ready-to-use lab, equipped with water system, electricity and ventilation system, which allows flexible uses and being transported in various scenarios. Inside the container lab, the whole workflow of PCR testing is clearly divided into five divisions from decontamination, reagent preparation, sample processing, to amplification and data recording so as to avoid contamination. This lab can conduct the whole PCR test procedure while occupying a very small area.

Since 1992 when Wondfo was founded, we have been on the forefront of fighting for people healthcare around the world, from SARS in 2003, various influenzas in 2010s to nowadays 2019 coronavirus pandemic. We promise to specialize in POCT and become a leading POCT manufacturer. But we will be not limited to it, and will continuously progress in protecting people’s health and happiness.


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