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Promoting Global Laboratory Medicine Standardization Wondfo Becomes a Member of IFCC
July 10,2024 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, Wondfo has officially become a member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), and will continue to enhance communication with international experts and actively participate in the research and development of international standards to contribute to the global standardization of laboratory medicine.
As a global organization of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, IFCC is committed to promoting the development of laboratory medicine, improving global healthcare services, and upgrading the level and quality of diagnosis and treatment by cooperating with other international organizations to develop global standards, organizing a series of professional and high-level forums, and supporting its members in their scientific and educational efforts to enhance the accuracy, reliability and comparability of laboratory tests. Since its establishment in 1952, IFCC has developed 119 national and regional members and 50,000+ expert members, making it one of the most influential organizations in the related fields worldwide.
Measurement Traceability Serves the World | Promotes Standardization and Consistency of Test Results
In order to promote the traceability of laboratory medicine measurement results, Wondfo has established the Reference Systems Department, which builds an uninterrupted chain of traceability from the System of International Units (SI)-Reference Laboratories-Clinical Laboratories to further promote the mutual recognition of test results.

Wondfo Qualifications
-Stakeholder members of the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM)
-Chinese National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) laboratory accreditation qualifications
-12 items in the JCTLM Reference Measurement Services list
-IFCC-RELA 20 items all passed the test.


Becoming a member of IFCC will deepen the communication and cooperation between Wondfo and its international counterparts, provide timely access to the latest industry technical information, and enhance the laboratory's ability to trace back its measurements. Wondfo will also actively participate in the development and promotion of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine standards, play a greater role in promoting the standardization and traceability of laboratory medicine measurements, and promote the mutual recognition of results globally.

Adhering to the vision of "striving to make biotechnology benefit all", Wondfo will continue to promote standardization and consistency, adhere to promote high-quality development with scientific research and innovation, so that enable IVD technology serve better the health for everyone.
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