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Only $1 for Wondfo HIV Self-Test!
April 30,2024 (Edit) Wondfo

The most affordable Pre-Qualified HIV self-test is available in Uganda

On October 12 2023, Uganda has become the first country to adopt HIV self-tests procured under the agreement of MedAccess' volume guarantee to Wondfo. MedAccess, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and Wondfo joined forces to offer Wondfo's HIV self-test at an unprecedented price of only $1, advancing toward the goal of empowering individuals to know their HIV status and access treatment promptly. This affordability positions Wondfo's test as the most accessible World Health Organization prequalified HIV self-test in Uganda.

During the event held in Kampala, Uganda's Minister of Health commended the efforts of the country's AIDS Control Programme to enhance testing accessibility by incorporating Wondfo's test into Uganda's HIV self-testing portfolio. She also noted that. Wondfo HIV Self-test will increase the accessibility to some subpopulation remain behind in the HIV self-identification.

"We welcome efforts by the Uganda Ministry of Health and the country's AIDS Control Programme to increase access to self-testing for people at risk of HIV." said Dr Michelle Teo, Chief Investment Officer at MedAccess, "Our guarantees are designed to secure lower prices and enable countries to reach more people, within current budgets, with the health products they need. It is encouraging to see this in action in Uganda and expect other countries to follow soon."

By allowing Wondfo HIV Self-Test available at $1, we aim to generate more benefits for people's health, including:
- Increasing HIV testing access for priority populations, including men, adolescents, commercial sex workers, people who use drugs, transgender individuals, and men who have sex with men.
- Alleviating the burden on healthcare workers by distributing self-tests within health facilities.
- Enhancing the ease of HIV testing through safe, easy-to-use, and accurate self-tests that provide results in less than 30 minutes.
- Supporting WHO's new guidance on HIV self-testing to facilitate greater access to HIV prevention services, including PrEP.

Building on the work of governments, Unitaid's STAR Initiative, PEPFAR, Global Fund, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation's (CIFF's) long-standing support for HIV self-testing, it is projected that, with a Historic breakthrough price 1$, Wondfo HIV Self-Test will increase the accessibility and treatment coverage of self-testing through this volume guarantee, leading to an estimated 8.1 million additional people accessing testing in low- and middle-income countries.
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