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Medlab ME 2024 | Science & Technology from China on Global Stage
February 06,2024 (Edit) Wondfo

On February 5, Medlab Middle East 2024 (Dubai Laboratory Medicine Exhibition, Dubai, UAE) kicked off at the Dubai World Trade Center. As an IVD company that embarked on international business since 2002, Wondfo actively demonstrated the strength of science and technology from China, and made an impression on many professional visitors with the immunofluorescence, chemiluminescence, electrochemistry, molecular diagnostics, dry biochemistry, etc., which were highly appreciated by the visitors.

Recognition for Accre CLIA System
Integrated Mono-Test Reagent for Simple Operation

"The integrated reagent is impressive with its simple operation, and I look forward to more items in the portfolio." Wondfo's Accre CLIA System with mono-test reagent, one of the exhibits, were recognized by customers. The system combines the excellence of chemiluminescence immunoassay and the flexibility of POCT. It is only 30% of the size of a traditional chemiluminescence analyzer while it supports automatic sampling. Its reagent integrates all components in one test kit, which avoids the risk of cross-contamination, is maintenance-free with no liquid circuit and features no extra consumables.

Appreciation for Finecare™ FIA Meters
Extensive Test Menu, Simplified and Rapid Operation

"Perfect for small and medium-sized labs, and the items are very extensive." Some customers praised Wondfo's Finecare™ quantitative fluorescence immunoassay series and expected to see autoimmunity items available in the test portfolio. As the first quantitative fluorescence immunoassay system in China, Wondfo's Finecare™ FIA Series have more than 100,000 units installed globally and serve customers from more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Finecare™ FIA System provides a more convenient means of on-site rapid detection. It features simple operation, rapid detection with 15 minutes to result, and the most comprehensive test menu with more than 50 items including cardiovascular markers, inflammation markers, craniocerebral injury markers, diabetes and renal injury markers, tumor markers, thyroid hormone markers, etc. Finecare™ FIA Series offers flexible choice among single-channel, semi-automatic and fully-automatic analyzers, which can be flexibly applied in different scenarios.

Efficient & Flexible, Intelligent & Simplified
Electrochemistry Flagships Continue to Make Impression

"We strongly look forward to the performance of the fully automatic blood gas analyzer Ucare-6000." A customer praised the excellent performance of Wondfo's dry blood gas analyzer BGA-102, while the newly launched Ucare-6000 once again made impression with its high efficiency, flexibility, precision and intellectual simplicity.
Ucare-6000 integrates test cartridge and solution in one pack, which greatly simplifies operation. The test menu covers blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites, Hematocrit, etc., and results of 24 calculated parameters can be delivered with one test. The solution pack can be stored at room temperature (2℃-30℃), with a validity period of up to 7 months and 30 days on-board validity.

From China, For the World! With the mission "Racing for Life" in mind, Wondfo brings Chinese intellectual manufacturing and brand to the global stage. We safeguard every health with technology, constantly contribute Chinese strength to global healthcare and strive to realize the vision of making biology technology benefit the public!
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