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Improve Access of Basic Healthcare in LMIC—See How Wondfo Helps
August 24,2023 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, Global Health Research and Policy, a journal focusing on addressing global health questions, published Evolving Market-Shaping Strategies To Boost Access To Essential Medical Products In Developing Countries, with Wondfo’s HIV self-testing as a case study. In response to UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030, Wondfo will continue to be devoted to scientific research and innovation, and work together with globally leading healthcare institutions to support global AIDS prevention and control with technologies. 


Enabling a More Effective and Equitable
Global Response to HIV Prevention and Treatment

In July 2023, Global Health Research and Policy published the research by the team led by Prof. Ming Xu, who is the director of the Department of Global Health, School of Public Health, Peking University and deputy dean of the Institute of Global Health Development, Peking University. Based on HIV self-testing as a case study, the team discussed the importance of market-shaping strategy in ensuring adequate supply, affordable prices and equitable access to essential medical products in low-and middle-income countries.

In July 2022, Wondfo Biotech reached a 5-year volume guarantee agreement with MedAccess and Clinton Health Access Initiative ( CHAI ) to provide HIV self- testing at US$1, in which the $1 price applies to all public sector purchasers in 140 low- and middle-income countries. The price is more than 30% lower than WHO's previous lowest price of prequalified test. Compared with the $2/unit OraQuick and $1.50/unit Abbott, Wondfo’s HIV self-test hit a record low price of $1. This makes Wondfo's HIV self-test the most affordable HIV self-test with WHO PQ qualification in the market. (Click Here and know more details)

The study shows that the agreement by Wondfo, MedAccess and CHAI enables a more effective and equitable global response to HIV prevention and treatment, and this is the first-ever volume-guaranteed market-shaping intervention for an HIV self-test. According to WHO’s website, the collaboration is projected to impact additional 8.1 million people in 140 countries and regions.

WHO Recommends Further HIV Self-Testing
Significantly Facilitating Screening for Key Populations

According to the latest global AIDS update released by the United Nations Program on AIDS ( UNAIDS) , there are about 39 million HIV-infected people and 630,000 deaths from AIDS-related diseases by 2022 around the world, indicating that AIDS prevention and control still faces many challenges.

In the "Consolidated Guidelines on HIV Prevention, Testing, Treatment, Service Delivery and Monitoring: Recommendations for a Public Health Approach" released by WHO in 2021, WHO recommends HIV self-testing and it is essential for countries to prevent and control AIDS with a strategic mix of WHO-recommended differentiated HIV testing service. In the case of HIV self-testing, evidence has shown that the use of HIV self-testing as facility-based screening tools would increase testing among priority populations while dramatically reducing the amount of time health workers spend on HIV testing.

(picture from WHO website)

Although many countries have laid down policies in facilitating HIV self -testing and 6 HIV self -tests have been prequalified by WHO, but the implementation has been lagging behind. Of the 98 countries providing report, only 52 conduct HIV self-testing as regulated. What’s more, international organizations and governments purchased more than 10 million HIV self-test kits for low- and middle-income countries in 2021, indicating the huge demand for AIDS self-test globally.

In July 2022, Wondfo's HIV self-test was prequalified by WHO, indicating the product performance and the company's quality system were recognized by WHO. In order to provide technical support more effective worldwide and to facilitate wide application of HIV self-test, Wondfo recently releases video guides for HIV self-test in 12 languages for all regions in sub-Saharan Africa. The video guides show users exactly how to do the test step by step, ensuring all users can easily do HIV self-test without language barriers.

With the mission of "Racing for Life", Wondfo has been and will always be contributed to improving global health, safeguarding health and life globally with our practical actions and contributing China’s strength to building a community of human health. In this way, we strive to realize our vision to Make Biology Technology Benefit the Public.
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