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Jointly Serving Worldwide | Wondfo & Merck Further Cooperation
July 28,2023 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, Wondfo and Merck, a world-leading technology company, held a discussion about their China and global cooperation, and came to an agreement to further cooperation based on the previous pilot projects, aiming at expanding the project’s reach and improve accessibility of testing and treatment for thyroid disease at primary care and county level worldwide.

100+ Screenings, Thousands of People in China
Facilitating Thyroid Healthcare at Primary Care

Wondfo and Merck held a discussion to review the pilot project and to discuss further cooperation in Wondfo’s Shenzhou Road Park on July 21. In this way, we strive to expand the project’s reach and make it benefit more people. 

Thyroid disease is the second biggest disease in the field of endocrinology, with over 300 million people affected globally, and its incidence is increasing every year. In China, the incidence of thyroid disease is as high as 50.96% [1] among the adult population and because symptoms of thyroid disease are often subtle and difficult to detect, and females are more prone to suffer from thyroid disease than males. Currently, the awareness rate of thyroid disease among women preparing for pregnancy is only 6% [2]. On February 25, 2022, Wondfo and Merck China signed a strategic cooperation agreement, leveraging their respective advantages in the field of thyroid disease treatment and in vitro diagnostic industry to enhance the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of thyroid disease at China's primary care and county level.

Since then, Wondfo and Merck China have jointly carried out thyroid disease education at the primary care and county level and carried out nonprofit thyroid disease screenings. As of June 30, 2023, hundreds of nonprofit screenings have been held under the pilot project, in which more than 10,000 people from 7 provinces in China are screened for thyroid function. It effectively facilitates early detection and treatment for those living with thyroid diseases, bringing them treatment benefits.

Overseas Pilot Project First: Reaching 150,000 People in Indonesia
Pilot Project Continues to Expand Globally

As early as 2019, Wondfo cooperated with Merck’s Indonesian branch for the very first pilot project. With joint efforts from both sides, more thyroid disorders in remote areas of Indonesia were detected and can be linked to treatment.

In July 2023, in order to strengthen the comprehensive capability of diagnosis and treatment, Wondfo and Merck, together with Indonesian Medical Association (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia) and Ministry of Health of Indonesia (Kemenkes), officially launched national thyroid screening project. In its first phase, it is expected to screen 150 thousand people for thyroid function, reaching Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and other major areas.

Meanwhile, pilot projects are under steady progression in Mexico, Philippine and Malaysia, and all have achieved good results and have been highly acknowledged. Based on the satisfying effects of the projects, Wondfo and Merck conducted in-depth discussions on continuing cooperation and expanding the reach of project. In order to make the cooperation benefit more people, both decided to further the cooperation globally and to jointly facilitate diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease worldwide.

We unite our efforts and work together for good. Wondfo and Merck will leverage their respective strengths in in-vitro diagnosis and thyroid disease treatment in order to get more people living with thyroid disease be aware of their conditions. In this way, we contribute our strengths to better diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, facilitate early intervention of thyroid diseases and strive to realize the vision to “Make biology technology benefit the public”!

[1] The source of the incidence of thyroid disease in the adult population in China: Expert Consensus on The Diagnosis And Treatment of Thyroid Disease in the Elderly in China (2021). Chinese Journal of Geriatrics. 2021;40(5):529-549.
[2] Source of awareness rate of thyroid disease among female planning pregnancy: Li Qian. Preconception TSH and risk factors in Chinese married women planning conception & thyroid antibodies and gestational diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis [D]. Beijing: Peking Union Medical College, 2016.

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