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Facing Obstacles to Ends AIDS, Wondfo Helps with HIV-Test Matrix
July 24,2023 (Edit) Wondfo
On July 13, the United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS) released the 2023 global AIDS update, stating that by 2022, there are about 39 million HIV-infected people in the world and 630,000 deaths from AIDS-related diseases, indicating that AIDS prevention and control still faces many challenges. The report emphasizes that coverage of HIV testing and treatment must be expanded.

Since the launch of Wondfo’s first HIV test in 2002, Wondfo has strived to provide a matrix of products supporting triple sample types (blood + saliva + urine) with continuous scientific innovation. The quality of our products and Wondfo’s corporate quality system are recognized by international authority institutions, and in this way, we devote our strengths to global prevention and control of AIDS.

AIDS Claimed One Life Every Minute in 2022

According to UNAIDS’ report “The Path That Ends AIDS—2023 UNAIDS Global AIDS Update" (hereby referred as “2023 Update”), there are 1.3 million new HIV-infected people in 2022, and the number of people receiving antiretroviral treatment worldwide increases by 4 times to 29.8 million.

(Source: UNAIDS)

In addition, the 2023 Update figures out the crucial challenges facing AIDS prevention and control: in 2022, AIDS claimed one life every minute; about 9.2 million people living with HIV were not receiving treatment, including 660,000 HIV-infected children. According to UNAIDS, Efforts are under way to expand access to combination HIV prevention services, including harm reduction services, self-testing and virtual interventions, along with greater provision of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

According to the 2023 Update, free HIV testing and treatment has already saved millions of lives and is helping to reduce numbers of new HIV infections. The integration of HIV testing and treatment with maternal and child care has prevented over 3.4 million HIV infections in children since 2000 and has dramatically reduced numbers of AIDS-related deaths since the peak in 2004, when there were 360,000 AIDS-related deaths, to 84,000 in 2022.

The 2023 Update proposes that if outpatient testing and family index testing increase, more undiagnosed children and adolescents living with HIV can be linked to treatment and care. 

(Source: UNAIDS)

"The facts and figures in this report do not show that we, as a world, are already on the path—but they show that we can be. The way is clear," UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said.

With Performance Recognized by WHO
Wondfo Works with Top Institutions to Fight AIDS

Facing the risks and challenges posed by AIDS, Wondfo has always been actively devoted to scientific research and development, and works with the world's top medical institutions and organizations such as the World Health Organization, MedAccess and CHAI to help global AIDS prevention and control.

Since the launch of Wondfo’s first HIV test in 2002, Wondfo has strived with continuous scientific innovation to provide a matrix of products supporting triple sample types (blood + saliva + urine), which covers common HIV detection sample types and facilitates early screening of AIDS. Currently, Wondfo’s HIV tests for either professional use or for at-home self-test have all obtained PQ of WHO, indicating that the recognition by WHO regarding the test performance and company quality system.

In order to benefit more people around the world, Wondfo cooperated with MedAccess and CHAI in 2022 to provide HIV self-tests for low- and middle-income countries and regions. In this way, we facilitate wider application of HIV self-testing and increase the coverage of global HIV testing and treatment and help global AIDS prevention and control with our deeds.

According to WHO’s website, the collaboration is projected to impact additional 8.1 million people in 140 countries and regions.

(Source: WHO’s website)

Fast and Convenient
Make Tests Available to More High-Risk Population

The 2023 Update highlights that the reach of HIV testing and treatment services must increase and barriers blocking access to them including user fees, stigma, etc.

Wondfo HIV tests adopts colloidal gold immunochromatography and do not require other instruments. The tests are rapid in testing, convenient in operation and efficient in HIV detection. The HIV Self-Test delivers accurate result in 15 minutes with 3-step operation, providing convenient at-home self-testing for auxiliary diagnosis and self-inspection. The HIV Self-Test applied in healthcare institutions can release the burden for healthcare providers and increase the efficiency and availability of HIV detection.

The wide coverage of HIV self-tests can make high-risk groups accessible to HIV testing and timely preventive intervention while protect them from discrimination.

In order to facilitate the rapid screening of HIV, Wondfo launched HIV1/2 oral mucosal exudate test, which is simple and convenient in operation and delivers rapid result without pain from blood collection. Wondfo's HIV urine test will also be launched soon. It can test HIV with urine samples, which is convenient and non-invasive for users to detect HIV early.

Avoid AIDS with the aid of technology! Wondfo will continue to be devoted to scientific research and innovation, make our contributions to global AIDS prevention and control with our technology, and work together to achieve the goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.
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