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Flagships from Multiple Platforms! Wondfo Impressed Medlab 2023
February 09,2023 (Edit) Wondfo
On February 6, Medlab Middle East 2023, a global exhibition of laboratory medicine in Dubai, was unveiled at the World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. With flagships from multiple platforms, Wondfo Biotech’s products and multi-scenario solutions obtained recognition from customers, including the fully automatic immunohistochemical staining system, Finecare™ FIA Meters, blood gas analyzer BGA-102, and U-Card Dx™ Automated Molecular Diagnostic System, etc.

Highly Efficient, Flexible and Stable
Pathological IHC System Debut Obtained Expectations

Medlab Middle East 2023 witnessed the debut of PA-3600 overseas, a fully automatic immunohistochemical staining system independently developed by Wondfo. PA-3600 IHC System attracted much attention and anticipation from customers overseas during the Expo. "The potential of pathological IHC system is great, while there are scarcely IHC devices developed by Chinese manufacturers. I have great expectations for your product." A customer from Nepal said.

Wondfo PA-3600 is suitable for a variety of sample types, and can automatically implement testing from baking to restaining. Each 36 staining modules enjoys independent temperature control and can implement accurate and consistent staining of up to 36 different antibody assays at the same time. The testing process within one out of three modules is under no interruption by loading of other modules, ensuring stable and efficient testing.

In 2021, Wondfo PA-3600 Fully-Automated IHC System was launched in China with NMPA certificate. Within one year since its launch, its distribution network expansively covers 25 municipalities. It has been widely applied in tertiary hospitals, campus pathology research labs, research institutions, Independent Clinical Laboratories specific for pathology, CRO, etc and has obtained recognition.

Excellence as CLIA, Flexible as POCT
Thumbs-up for Accre CLIA System

"I am very optimistic about your chemiluminescence immunoassay system with single-cartridge reagents. They are trustworthy with the accurate and reliable performance, especially for measuring thyroid function and anemia." Accre CLIA System, Wondfo’s automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system, has been affirmed by customers from many countries and regions such as Palestine and Nigeria.

Based on the reaction of alkaline phosphatase and APS-5, Accre CLIA system enjoys excellence of chemiluminescence immunoassay and flexibility of point-of-care testing. The compact system has no liquid pipeline, and saves 70% space compared with conventional CLIA analyzers. Automatic sample loading frees technicians from manual processing. The matching reagent cartridge adopts all-in-one design—ready to use whenever it is needed—to alleviate unnecessary cost and burden for physicians.

Facilitating Testing at Primary Care in Europe
Molecular POCT Technology Gain Recognition

Wondfo’s U-Card Dx™ Automated Molecular Diagnostic System was affirmed in Medlab 2023 as it was in the 54th MEDICA in Dusseldorf. “It is of great help to primary care facilities in European countries regarding medical testing, especially in small and medium-sized laboratories." A customer from Switzerland said. Many customers from Europe showed great interest in U-Card Dx™ system and proposed further cooperation.

U-Card Dx™ system is a point-of-care PCR analyzer jointly developed by Wondfo’s two R&D centers in Guangzhou and San Diego. All processing steps after sample loading, including nucleic acid extraction, amplification and analyzing, are implemented automatedly by the analyzer, realizing “Sample In, Result Out”. The matching reagent cartridge applies heat lysis, nanofilter, real-time fluorescence PCR, microfluidic technique, etc. Testing results are delivered in 28-38 minutes with the limit of detection≤1000 copies/mL. Up to 6 targets can be detected with only one blood sample tested. Furthermore, lyophilized reagents are room-temperature stable and convenient for long-term transportation and storage.

Flagships from Multiple Platforms
Contributing to Global Health from China

“The compact and flexible design with built-in battery is a good fit for testing in ambulance.” Professionals from various countries and regions expressed their affirmation for blood gas analyzer and many other Wondfo’s flagships such as optical coagulation analyzer, nucleic acid extraction instrument, etc.

Moreover, a few customers visited and inquired about Wondfo’s Finecare™ FIA Meters, which are highly influencing. Ever since its development in 2009, 70,000+ Finecare™ FIA Meters have been installed and applied in 100 countries and regions globally, providing flexible testing in Laboratory, Emergency Room, ICU, Cardiology Dept and so on.

As one of the few Chinese companies in the POCT industry that sincerely strives for global health, Wondfo strode into the global market in 2002 and offers the world with Chinese techniques and brand. Wondfo, as a Chinese enterprise, will constantly contribute to global healthcare and safeguard people’s life. Racing for Life!

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