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Wondfo Biotech Acquired Shenzhen Tisenc Medical Devices
December 28,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
Recently, we, Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd., signed a contract to acquire 100% stock rights and interests of Shenzhen Tisenc Medical Device Co., Ltd., a Chinese chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) enterprise. After that, Tisenc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wondfo. 

With the acquisition, we aim to expand our innovative layout in the field of CLIA diagnostics, to improve CLIA series products. As a leader in POCT industry in China, Wondfo, with cutting-edge techniques, will always be devoted to the improvement of our products and services and let our products safeguard health and happiness of more and more people.

Domestically, Wondfo, as a Chinese medical enterprise in point-of-care testing industry, has been long contributed to the improvement of cumbersome CLIA apparatus to portable POCT devices. Since 2021, with the 6-item thrombus screening as the spearhead, Wondfo CLIA products have rapidly expand Chinese market with satisfying features.

Founded in 2015, Tisenc has been devoted to the R&D, manufacture and global distribution of fully-automatic CLIA analyzers and matching individual reagents. In 2016, Tisenc passed ISO13485 and was identified as one of Chinese national high-tech enterprises. Tisenc’s CLIA products enjoy both the convenience of POCT devices and the satisfying features of CLIA. With innovative integration of both pros aforementioned, Tisenc’s CLIA products can meet needs by various healthcare facilities worldwide for high-quality POCT products.

Up to now, Tisenc has 28 NMPA certificates, 36 CE qualification, 12 patents, 24 accepted patent applications for new inventions, utility model and design patents. With efficient R&D, Tisenc has launched 5 CLIA analyzers (A6, A8, A90, A100, A120) with individual reagents, covering biomarkers of cardiac diseases, inflammation, anemia, bone metabolism, hormone, thyroid function, etc.
Wondfo Biotech has been committed to safeguarding people’s health and happiness, and to improving lives with better products, services, and solutions. With cutting-edge technologies and products of promised quality, we care everyone’s health, and race for life to save every second.
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