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Blood Gas Analyzer
Wondfo Blood Gas Analyzer (BGA-102) is used with its blood gas test cartridge (electrochemistry), measuring a patient's pH balance, carbon dioxide partial pressure (pCO2), oxygen partial pressure (pO2 ), sodium ion (Na+), potassium ion (K+), calcium ion (Ca2+), chloride ion (Cl–), hematocrit (Hct), Lactic Acid (Lac)* and Glucose (Glu)*. The Blood Gas analyzer should only be used by healthcare professionals. For in vitro diagnostic use.
  • Comprehensive
    Broad assay menu: pH, pCO2, pO2, K+, Na+, Ca2+, Cl-, Hct, Glu, Lac.
  • Small & Flexible
    Small & Flexible
    · Small in size;
    · Low sample volume (80μL whole blood);
    · Flexible use in a variety of areas, including Laboratory, ER, ICU, Operating Room, etc.
  • Safe & Cost-Effective
    Safe & Cost-Effective
    · Without gas cylinders, safer to use.
    · No need to replace electrodes, effectively control costs.
  • Convenient
    With only one reagent pack, easier to replace, and available to use immediately after the replacement.
  • High Performance
    High Performance
    Good Correlation to Reference Method: R²>0.95.
Technologies Built-in thermal printer
3.5‘’ LED touch screen
LIS/HIS connection
Sample size 80μL
Standards CE Mark
Dimension 302x226x180mm
Weight <6.5 kg (including battery)
Application ICU, ER, OR, Pneumology Department, Ambulance

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