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U-Card Dx™ Monkeypox Virus Test
Wondfo U-Card Dx™ Monkeypox Virus Test is an automated, real-time polymerase chain reaction(PCR) assay intended for the rapid, in vitro qualitative detection of Monkeypox Virus plasma, serum, scab and lesion exudate specimens . The test is to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of orthopox virus infection disease, which is caused by Monkeypox Virus (MPV).
For in vitro diagnostic use only. For professional use only.
  • Short TAT
    Short TAT
    rapid result in 30-40 mins
  • Room-Temperature Stable
    Room-Temperature Stable
    2-30℃ storage
  • Ready to Use
    Ready to Use
    No sample pre-processing
  • Storage and Stability
    1. Store the U-Card Dx™ Monkeypox Virus Test at 2~30ºC until the expiry date. 
    2. Keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat.
    3. Kit contents are stable until the expiry date printed on the outer box.
    4. Do not open the sealed pouch until ready to use.
    5. The Test Cartridge should be used within 1 hour once opened.
Catalog No. WE13
Target Gene F3L
Time of Result 30-40 mins
Storage Condition 2-30℃
Specimen lesion exudate
whole blood
LoD 500 copies/mL

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