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Dengue NS1 Antigen Test
The Finecare™ Dengue NS1 Ag Test is a fluorescence immunoassay used along with Finecare™ FIA Meters for qualitative detection of Dengue NS1 antigen in whole blood, serum or plasma specimen. It is useful as an aid in screening of early Dengue virus infection.
  • Room-Temperature Stable
    Room-Temperature Stable
    Lower cost with 24-month shelf life without refrigerator, no need for cold-chain storage and distribution
  • Fast
    Results are ready in 12 minutes
  • Accurate
    Instrument detection, automatic display of qualitative results
  • Storage
    1. The test kit should be stored at 4 ~ 30℃ up to the expiration date printed on the package.
    2. Do not remove the Test Cartridge from the pouch until use. The Test Cartridge should be used within 1 hour once opened.
Cat. No. Test Item Specimen Sample Volume Reaction Time Qualification
W282P0001 Dengue NS1 Antigen Whole Blood
75 μL 12 mins CE

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Download Brochure of Finecare™ Dengue NS1 Antigen Test
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