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How to know your fertile window?
July 23,2021 (Edit) Wondfo
When is the best time during a day for baby-having sex?
According to a research by Italian scientist Cagnacci, 75% men have semen of high concentration and motility in the afternoon.
And women, affected by hormones, usually ovulate during 5 to 7 o’clock. Given the two researches, it is concluded that from 5 to 7 o’clock is the best time for fertilization.
Surely, some women will not ovulate during the two hours. What matters more is good quality of sex, rather than time of it.


When is the best time during a month for baby-having sex?
Of course, ovulation day. Many people know that it is easier to get pregnant to have sex during ovulation period, but few know the difference between ovulation period and ovulation day.
Theoretically, ovulation period lasts for 10 days for women with regular menstrual cycle, while ovulation day is exactly the day when the egg cell is released. Scientists did a research, comparing newly released egg cells and aged cells. They found that aged egg cells are harder to get fertilized and have negative influence on babies.

When is the best time during a life for baby-having sex?
According to China Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is recommended to have babies when women are 25 to 29 and men are 27 to 35.
Women’s fertility will sink after 35, with various risks increasing. Men’s sperms will reduce in quality while aging, such as low motility, low sperm count, increasing fragmentation rate of DNA, etc.

To have a healthy and clever baby, please get pregnant in proper age. Couple who are beyond the best age range should better check your health conditions in case of potential risks.

As medical technology improves, ovulation test strips of higher accuracy and easier operation have been developed, freeing couples from the trouble of shuttling back and forth between hospital and home for ovulation tests. When ordinary test strip can only show the 1-to-3 day around, latest test strips can accurately fix the ovulation day and are must-have devices for those with low hormone or polycystic ovarian syndrome to know their ovulation day.
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