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More efficient and affordable! Wondfo Biotech can provide robust support for sepsis diagnosis and treatment | Diagnostics
June 03,2024 (Edit) Wondfo
As an acute and critical disease, sepsis has a high morbidity and mortality rate, with approximately 48.9 million sepsis cases recorded globally in 2017, and nearly 1 in 5 deaths attributed to sepsis [1]. WHO has identified sepsis as a major public health problem. A recent study published in the journal Diagnostics shows that Wondfo’s quantitative Fluorescence Detection System can provide powerful support for early detection and intervention of sepsis. Integrating multiple platforms and product lines, Wondfo can provide effective support for early detection of sepsis, disease monitoring, medication guidance, and efficacy assessment.

Reliable POC Testing is Critical to Reduce Mortality

A research team from the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), one of the top 1% universities in the world, conducted a study on critically ill sepsis patients in ICUs to assess the concordance between PCT blood results obtained by POC testing and traditional biochemical immunoassay systems, and the results were published in May 2024 in the journal Diagnostics.
The research team noted that the key to the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis is early detection and intervention. Sending samples to a central laboratory for testing is complicated and has a long turnaround time, so there can be delays in reporting PCT results. Therefore, rapid and accurate results using a high-quality POC assay are essential to assist clinicians in making timely decisions and earning more time for sepsis patients.

In this study, blood samples were collected from 41 critically ill sepsis patients, and after centrifuging the whole blood samples into plasma samples, PCT measurements were performed using Wondfo’s quantitative Fluorescence Detection System and the world's leading biochemical immunoassay system, respectively. The results showed a significant correlation between the results of the two assays, with a sample correlation coefficient of 0.98. Additionally, the study showed good precision with CV values of 5% and 2.5% at 0.5ng/mL and 0.25ng/mL, respectively.
In the conclusion, the research team pointed out that Wondfo’s quantitative Fluorescence Detection System can provide a more rapid and affordable PCT assay, which can provide a reliable and robust support for the monitoring of the relevant indexes of critically ill sepsis patients in ICUs [2].

Full series + The first in China to provide effective assistance for the whole process of sepsis testing

According to the “China Expert Consensus on Early Prevention and Interruption of Sepsis in Emergency Care”, timely identification of patients with acute infections and provision of reasonable treatment is the first step in sepsis prevention. Currently, commonly used biochemical markers of infection include CRP, PCT, IL-6, SAA and HBP [3]. Studies have shown that elevated levels of TM, TAT, PIC, and t-PAIC play an important role in determining the severity of sepsis patients [4-5].
Responding to the health needs of the public, Wondfo has developed a full series of infection marker products around immunofluorescence platform and chemiluminescence platform, which can achieve the diagnosis of different combinations of IL-6, CRP, PCT, SAA, and hs-CRP, and launched the first domestic thrombosis early screening program – Thrombosis 4-Item Test (TM, TAT, PIC, t-PAIC), which can effectively help identify the type of sepsis infection and play an important role in the early detection of sepsis, monitoring of the condition, guidance of medication and evaluation of the efficacy of treatment.
As the first product in China to achieve the simultaneous detection of six thrombus items with one machine and one tube of blood, Wondfo’s chemiluminescence Thrombosis 4-Item Test has passed the external quality assessment with excellent performance in the 2022 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shandong Joint external quality assessment activity. This is also the first time for a domestic thrombus program to pass the external quality assessment, which fully proves the accuracy and reliability of the results of Wondfo’s Thrombosis 4-Item Test.
Wondfo has always been dedicated to the health of all people, striving for perfection and excellence. We continuously improve the diagnostic efficiency of medical institutions, safeguarding life and health with innovative achievements. Our vision is to make biotechnology benefit all.


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