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Wondfo in China Bioindustry Convention—Innovative Point-of-Care Solutions
June 15,2022 (Edit) Wondfo
During June 10-12, the 14th China Bioindustry Convention was held on Guangzhou International Bio Island. With the theme of “Innovation, Openness, Integration—Embrace the New Age of Bio-economy Together”, the convention brought together 21 academicians and hundreds of leading experts to discuss such issues as public health, bio-technology innovation latest development of bio-industry.

Impressive POC Molecular Diagnosis

During the forum—Asia Pacific · New Waves of Bio-industry—Dr. Cai Lei briefly analyzed the characteristics of POCT and molecular diagnosis. “POCT is featured with automated analysis, integrated system, small size and flexible application at bedside.” According to Dr. Cai Lei, POCT has long been common in our everyday life, such as glucose test, ovulation test, etc., while molecular diagnosis, due to technological and other factors, faces more obstacles in its improvement to a more flexible equipment at bedside. For example, extraction and amplification, two steps during molecular analysis, were once confined in laboratories. “A Point-of-Care PCR analyzer intellectualizes extraction and amplification with an integration of molecular diagnosis and POCT. That means the equipment can automatically finish the analyzing, realizing the concept of Sample In, Result Out. Its easier operation empowers less requirement for professional staff and more flexible application in various scenarios, such as hospital departments, CDC, food security inspection, custom inspection, at-home monitoring, etc.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Wondfo has rapidly develop COVID-19 detection products of multiple platform, forming a COVID-19 Total Solution, and regarding molecular diagnosis, we launch two new analyzers—Boxarray and U-Box Dx—which are widely appreciated domestically.

Contribution to Primary Care

To facilitate the “Heathy China” initiative, Wondfo has been committed to improving healthcare capacity in primary clinics, and our multiple solutions for primary care have been exhibited in this event, covering chronic disease management, mother-baby care, tumor screening, urgent care in chest pain center and coagulation monitoring.


Innovative Integration of CLIA and POCT

This convention also witnesses an impressive debut of Accre CLIA System domestically. Among the Accre Family, Accre 8 exhibited is characterized with its single-cartridge all-in-one reagent. Based on enzymatic chemiluminescence of APS-5 and alkaline phosphatase, Accre System is excellent as CLIA and flexible as POCT, to the utmost meeting the needs of primary level healthcare facilities.

Fighting the Virus

Facing global pandemics from SARS, Flu A and Flu B, H7N9 to COVID-19, Wondfo has been devoted to the fight against virus. We have cooperated with WHO, the Global Fund, PATH, UNICEF and other leading medical institutions to manage AIDS, malaria and other infectious diseases. For example, since the outbreak of the pandemic, Wondfo has rapidly developed COVID-19 antigen test, antibody test and self-test kit, which are all among the first batch approved domestically. Besides, regarding the sprawling monkeypox virus, Wondfo has developed several PCR tests applicable to various scenarios and are approved with CE.


Social Responsibilities

Wondfo has actively provide healthcare services to people in countries of the Belt and Road Initiative. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have donated batches of medical materials to ASEAN and African countries and regions.


Racing for Life

This year marks the 30th anniversary since Wondfo’s founding. In the past 3 decades, we have and will always contribute to safeguarding people’s health with science and innovation, quality products and sound services. Racing for life!