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Born to illuminate | Wondfo-Tisenc PoC CLIA Product Launch Was Successfully Held
January 21,2022 (Edit) Wondfo
On 19-20 January, we livestreamed the Wondfo-Tisenc PoC CLIA Product Launch. 800+ views were reached during the live. It’s our pleasure to have your presence and precious support!
Domestically, Wondfo, as a Chinese medical enterprise in POCT industry, has been long contributed to the improvement of cumbersome Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) apparatus to portable POCT devices. With the newly launched Accre system, we aim to expand our innovative layout in CLIA diagnostics and to improve our CLIA platform.

Accre series, as compact CLIA analyzers, are Excellent as CLIA and Easy as POCT. With innovative integration of both pros, Accre CLIA system can meet needs by various healthcare facilities worldwide for high-quality POCT products.

Accre series have 4 CLIA analyzers (A6, A8, A90, A120), and different models adapt to various application scenarios. With no liquid system inside and no maintenance needed, Accre analyzers enable 600+ days MTBF and thus are 50% lower in price. The matching single-cartridge reagent, with all components in one cartridge, avoids the complex manual processing and carry-over contamination. With POCT-like simple operation, Accre analyzers require only 30 minutes to be fully trained to master the whole workflow. Furthermore, they are featured with strongly scalable testing menu, covering markers of cardiac diseases, inflammation, metabolism, tumor, anemia, fertility, thyroid, bone metabolism, infectious diseases, drug monitoring, and more testing items are in R&D.

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We received a lot of friendly messages in the chat box during the live: “A very good initiative.” “That was wonderful.” “Very innovative.” We are so delighted to have your precious trust and warm support, for decades up to now, as well as for decades to come. We deeply know what health and happiness mean to people, and we have been dedicated to safeguarding them. Though the pandemic has parted us in flesh for a time, we firmly believe that we are closed connected with shared aim and hope.

We have uploaded the record of the video to YouTube for those who failed to watch the live product launch. Please click https://youtu.be/CZE5vZ-FgRs to view more.